Use Case: Virtual Influencer


3D Scan a human influencer in less than a day

Expand their brand into a new digital ecosystem

Leverage existing follower base and star power


Create a programmable, 3D digital influencer


Instantly control the conversation

Easily Customizable

100% Interactive

An iconic virtual human first -- a genuine virtual personality, who appears real, and interacts with their fans.

A virtually real influencer.


Meet and Greet Experience

  • A virtual influencer will allow each fan to personally interact with their favorite star

  • Offer sponsored benefits if a fan completes the conversation

  • Increase fan engagement, pull in tech forward followers, and strengthen fan connections

Virtual Fashion

  • Give millions a virtual front row seat to the future of clothing branding and sales

  • Create a new ecosystem for digital sponsored fashion

  • A virtual human model allows an influncer to “work” multiple events at the same time

Branded Experience

  • Expose new brands to the influencer’s fanbase, creating strong brand identity

  • Encourage a more natural purchasing experience with an influencer shopping pal

  • Personalize a traditionally one-way transaction and make it a social media event